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Pooja Kumar made her debut way back in 2000 in `Kaadhal Rojave` and she was off the radar of Kollywood for more than a decade. She made a grand comeback as, Nirupama in `Viswaroopam` last year and bagged a meaty role in Kamal`s upcoming `Uthama Villain` as well. In a recent interaction with media, Pooja spilled the beans about her character in Viswaroopam 2. This is what she got to say about the magnum opus sequel - There’s a lot of drama, a lot of action, romance and special effects. It’s going to be a truly extravagant affair because it’s going to be very grand and people are going to be very very excited to see it. I`m so proud because I get to do all my underwater action sequences and sort of being there alongside the hero. I`m quite excited about it and I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised.